I was born 1953 in Budapest/Hungary. I made my Abitur in a technical school, where I had become acquainted with among other things the work on and with machine tools.

These knowledge affected my later activity very much, in order to be able to accomplish constructions in simple and precise way.

Starting from 1972 I studied the subject equipment planning of the faculty mechanical engineering at the technical University of Budapest. 1977 I attained the title engeneering graduate for mechanical engineering.

After the study I caught at the photometric department of the research institute for technical physics of the Hungarian academy as a research engineer to work on. My most important work was there the spectral adjustments action functions given by photo-sensitive detectors to, in particular to those V(λ) function. With this work I could point a development result out recognized world-wide after short time.

Starting from 1986 to 2000 I worked at the company PRC Krochmann GmbH in Berlin as a development engineer. Here I developed numerous Goniophotometer, sensors, normal lamps and kundenspaezifische Sondermessysteme in photometric and mechanical regard. To my activity range also the customer advisory service belonged in the ranges Photometrie, radiometry and color measuring technique.

I attained a doctorate to 1995 at the technical University of Budapest. The title of my doctor work reads "measuring technique of the sky luminous intensity distribution".

In partial time activity I work in the Phyisikalisch technical Federal Institution in laboratory 4,12 Photometrie. There I developed a turning prism photometer for the passing on of the distribution temperature.

I thank all customers, friends and my family for its support and admonishments, which gave me much strength on the way to the independence.