photometer with integrated motor-controller

  • special photometer based on our universal photometer
  • for any kind of goniophotometric use
  • easy to integrate into existing systems
  • built in 4-axis stepper controller with optically isolated in- and output
  • software interface for measurement in c-gamma-system
  • exact synchronization of angle and sampled value during axis movement

multichannel photometer

  • multichannel-photocurrent-to-voltage converter
  • up to 32 cannels within one 19" rack
  • up to 7 decadic ranges per channel
  • amplification acc. to customers needs
  • - voltage output 0..10V
  • or
  • - integrated controller with 16-bit A/D-converter and computer interface
  • range switching by software or TTL-compatible input
  • applicable to our whole range of sensors