Universal basis-module for the management, modification and documentation of photometric-measurement-data.


  • Support of every known data-format
  • Integration of the measurement-data into a database which allows a traceability of published data
  • Multiple edit-functions for the light-intensity-distribution e.g. :
    • leaning, panning, turning
    • symmatrize
    • editing of the measurement-data
    • changing of the angle-incrementation
  • Integrated data-format-converter
  • Output and print of standard-graphics like:
    • light-intensity-distribution polar/cartesian
    • illumination-effectiveness
    • isolux-diagrams
    • floor-illumination-curves
    • tables
    • and a lot more...

A lot of batch-functions reduces the time to create a database drastically.

Try the program: download the demoversion!




This add-on gives the possibility to output graphics in WMF-format.

The ouput of the diagrams in WMF-format allows the integration of product-data into a lot of other software-packages.

The layout and design of these graphics can be adjusted based on your requirements.



This add-on allows the automated output of graphics in EPS-format.

This format is especially used for the creation of print-media and is particularly easy to import on Macintosh-systems.

The layout and design will be adjusted on base of your requirements.


Planning aids / Evaluations

We also offer different add-ons for the evaluation of the data.

Examples are planning-aids for street-/train-platform-/tunnel-illumination or blinding-rating on basis of different calculation-methods and norms.


Electronic catalogues and data-plugins

We already have created a lot of database based electronic productcatalogues for luminaires.

Such a catalogue can also be used as data-plugin for light-calculation-programs.


Specific add-ons

If you need:

  • special functions...
  • to match the output or print of your data to your requirements...
  • special data-formats...

Ask us! Pretty much everything is possible.